Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here Come the Tea Baggers!

Here's how the Tea Party will defend the corporate rich, attack workers and the poor, and try to roll the USA back to the 1920s:

10 Ways the Right-Wingers Will Try to Wreck Any Economic Recovery

Tea Party Madness

Meet the Freshman Class of Right-Wing Extremist Members of Congress

Tea Party Caucus Took $1 Billion in Earmarks

The Tea Party's War on Schools

The Tea Party Moron Complex

Fair & Balanced? A Year of Fox News Lies

Fair & Balanced? Fox News' Big Year

From lecturing President Barack Obama on racial sensitivity to inflating threats of terror, Fox News offered more than a few journalistic lessons this year. Fox's ratings continued to top the other major cable networks, while its news coverage ... well, let's just let it speak for itself.
Here's a list -- though hardly an exhaustive one -- from TPM of some memorable moments from Fox News this year.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama vs. Liberal/Left Progressives

As some left/progressives predicted months ago, Obama is going to side with Republicans and go after the liberal/left on tax cuts and the deficit. The OBAMA deficit commission laid the groundwork for the coming austerity (cuts in social programs, Social Security, etc.) and the Obama-McConnell tax cuts will now be used to force cuts. Obama is pushing the Bush policies he ran against!

Obama Caves on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, Capitulating to Bush-McCain

Bernie Sanders on Tax Cut:  GOP Wants to Grow National Debt, then Slash Social Security

Saving Progressivism from Obama