Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tea Party Math Doesn't Add Up

Can the Tea Party Cut Spending 40%?  NO

Teapublicans are LYING when they promise their Tea Party supporters that they can cut federal spending by 40%, without increasing taxes, and without cutting Social Security or the military.

Tea Party Constitution vs. the Thomas Jefferson Constitution

The Tea Party Constitution vs. the Thomas Jefferson Constitution

Funny how the Tea Party folks don't even understand, or know much about, the U.S. Constitution!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 Questions for Tea Partiers

Ralph Nader Has 10 Questions Tea Partiers Don't Want to Answer

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tea Party Nationalism

The NAACP and the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights have released a detailed report that exposes the links between the Tea Party movement and racist/nationalist hate groups in the United States:  Tea Party Nationalism

Download the Report Here

Pictures from Teabaggers on Parade showing their true colors...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Corporations and the Right-Wing Are Buying Off Our Government

The 2010 Election is turning into a class war--the corporate rich started it!

Robert Reich, 8 Ways to Fight the Right-Wing Corporations Buying Off of Our Government

The Shadow Class War of 2010

Outside Cash Leaves Scorched Earth in US Election

Corporate Cash Secretly Funneled to Extremist Tea Party Candidates

Democracy FOR SALE

We have to SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!  The Supreme Court opened the floodgates of corporate money to buy our government in the Citizens United decision, and now WE must amend the Constitution to make it clear that CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE!  THEY DO NOT HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS "WE THE PEOPLE" AND THEY CANNOT TAKE OVER OUR GOVERNMENT!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Tea Party Candidates Are Radical Social Conservatives

The Tea Party claims that they are focused on economic issues, like the deficit and government spending, but they have nominated candidates who take extremely radical conservative views on social issues like gay rights and abortion.  Several tea party candidates, including Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell, are opposed to a women's right to abortion even in cases of rape or incest!  All oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians, and some (like NY Tea Party Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino)  have embraced extremely anti-gay homophobic views.

So when the Tea Party claims they are not anti-gay or concerned with social conservative issues, they are LYING!

Look Who's Joined the Tea Party!

Carl Paradino:  "Don't Be Brainwashed Into Thinking Homosexuality Is Equally Valid"

Paradino Stands By Anti-Gay Remarks--Tea Party Stands By Paradino

Democrats Target Tea Party Candidates on Social Issues

RepubliCorp Exposed: The Corporate Takeover Of the U.S.

Here is the Republican/Corporate Plan to Take Over the United States

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tea Party vs. History

The Tea Party folks don't know much about history!

Thom Hartman, The Real Tea Party Was An Anti-Corporate Revolt!

Hey Tea Party Republicans--The Founders Were NOT Your Guys!

11 Patriotic Lessons from the Tea Party Guide to American History

Ayn Rand Conservatism at Work: Firefighters let House Burn!

Here's how right-wing conservative Libertarianism works:
Firefighters Let House Burn Because Owners Didn't Pay $75 Fee
Talk of "limited government" sounds good until you see what it does in practice: a society where eveyone is on their own!

More on the myths of libertarianism at Libertarianism Exposed

More Private Sector Jobs Created in 2010 than Entire Bush Years

It's Official, More Private Sector Jobs Created in 2010 than the Entire Bush Years

Tea and Crackers

Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi on the Tea Party: Tea and Crackers: How Corporate Interests and Republican Insiders Built the Tea Party Monster

Tea Party Leaders are Not Anti-Establishment

From Truthout: Tea Party Leaders are Not Anti-Establishment

In fact, Tea Party candidates are reading from Republican Party scripts!
Tea Party Script Written in Washington

In These Times:  Tea Party Confidential
How GOP Insurgents Borrow from the Left to Move America Right

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Tea Party vs. We The People

Memphis Flyer: Not Our Party

Several important news items in the past week underscore the dire situation of the poor and the working class in the United States, but got little attention from the corporate media or the political elite. The number of people in poverty has climbed to 44 million, the highest number in 50 years. In 2009 alone, 4 million people fell into poverty, and it would have been higher without the extensions in unemployment and other benefits Republicans opposed.

The number of people without health insurance climbed to 50 million. The healthcare crisis continues to worsen while the right-wing calls for repealing the healthcare program that will cover 30 million more people. Health insurance companies are already gouging people and dumping children and sick people before the law is fully implemented, while Republicans want to cut all public healthcare programs and throw us all to the mercy of insurance companies.

While corporate profits and CEO pay continue to skyrocket, even after the Great Recession they created out of greed, the wages and income of working class continues to decline. There is a class war, but it is a war of the corporate rich being waged on the working class.

What I don’t understand is why the Tea Party, which claims to represent “we the people,” is taking the side of the corporate rich. They defend private insurance companies which are rationing healthcare based on ability to pay while increasing their profits and CEO pay. They are siding with corporations against unions and the right of workers to organize and improve their working conditions.

Instead, the Tea Party is following millionaire corporate lobbyists like Dick Armey, and corporate front groups like “Freedom Works” and “Americans For Prosperity,” which are nothing but cover groups for insurance companies and energy companies who oppose “regulations” which would protect the environment and increase access to healthcare.

They claim to want to reduce the deficit and cut government debt, but they want to continue to cut taxes on the corporate rich, without any cuts to pay for them. It is this combination of careless tax cuts favoring the rich, along with unpaid wars and increases in military spending, which has caused the explosion in the deficit, all the result of the policies of George W. Bush, which they want to continue.

The Tea Party is taking over the Republican Party, pushing a radical agenda to impose corporate and theocratic rule over the United States. They want to cut or eliminate Social Security, the most successful social program in history, which has nothing to do with the deficit. They claim to be opposed to “big government,” but they want to impose their religious beliefs on everyone, and they seem to love big business.

The Boston Tea Party was a revolt against unfair tax cuts for a multinational corporation, the East India Tea Company, which undermined the small businesses in the colonies. The British were imposing taxes on the colonies, while cutting the taxes of the East India Tea Company. We need a real Tea Party revolt against tax cuts and corporate welfare programs that favor the corporate rich and put the interests of Wall Street banksters over the interests of the American working class. We need to pay more attention to the “common good” and and less attention to the whining of rich people who don’t care about the “general welfare” of we the people.

Memphis Flyer: Not Our Party

Socialist Webzine: Incomes Down, Poverty Up

The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street

Lost Decade For American Income

Poverty Rises as Wall Street Billionaires Whine

More Tax Cuts for the Rich? No Way!

GOP Plan Would Raise Debt $4 Trillion

Thom Hartmann: Boston Tea Party Was An Anti-Corporate Revolt!